The Wolf and the Goat
Fri Feb 26 2016

This has been sitting mostly-finished on my computer for a while. I took a break from working on it for a number of weeks, I fiddled with colors for a while, and deciding what to do for the background took longer than I expected.

My primary source continues to be Vernon Jones' translation of Aesop's Fables:

A Wolf caught sight of a Goat browsing above him on the scanty herbage that grew on the top of a steep rock; and being unable to get at her, tried to induce her to come lower down. "You are risking your life up there, madam, indeed you are," he called out: "pray take my advice and come down here, where you will find plenty of better food." The Goat turned a knowing eye upon him. "It's little you care whether I get good grass or bad," said she: "what you want is to eat me."

Tags: Aesop, Wolf, Goat