1The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing2013-1-4
2The Lioness and the Vixen2013-1-18
3The Wolf, the Mother, and the Child2013-2-1
4The Wily Lion2013-2-15
5The Wolf, the Fox, and the Ape2013-3-1
6The Tortoise and the Eagle2013-3-15
7The Stag at the Pool2013-8-30
8The Swollen Fox2013-9-15
9The Wolf and the Lamb2014-2-7
10The Stag and the Vine2014-6-8
11The Two Frogs2014-7-7
12The Wolf and the Lion2014-8-22
13The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse2014-11-3
14The Sick Stag2015-2-3
15The Fox and the Goat2015-3-31
16The Bear and the Fox2015-6-12
17The Lion, the Fox, and the Stag2015-11-1
18The Wolf and the Goat2016-2-26